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This one is WAY ahead of the curve folks! Get ready for the new mega-primetime reality-drama television series "30 DAYS ‘TIL I’M FAMOUS"! Filmed in a revolutionary musical style, record executive Stephen Stone (of Ruffhouse Records fame) has taken an entire high-level Hollywood HD production crew to Costa Rica to create this 13 episode masterpiece. The show is scheduled for delivery to television networks all over the planet for airing this coming winter season, and it will be one of the first shows ever to be shot simultaneously in English and Spanish utilizing the same cast.

From left to right, Stephen Stone (soundtrack producer), Nayer, Frank, Samanda ("30 Days" cast members, Phil Chiore (soundtrack engineer), and Jan Destner (Swedish music composer flown in to work on the project).The series is presented on a musical platform and asks viewers to consider what it is to be a superstar. The underlying answer is that there are superstars around us all of the time . . . and all superstars are not necessarily musical superstars . . . and oftentimes the greatest beauty in life can exist in the most unlikely of places . . . and only when you can get to the point in life where you can come to understand the beauty in others will you get to see the beauty in yourself. And when you can do that, you can fly! And you will then understand superstardom. And we guarantee you that it’s not at all what you expected it to be.

30 Days ‘til I’m Famous follows the journey of three spectacular musical groups. Narrated and acted by the singers themselves, it’s a story that is going to touch audiences like nothing before.

Executive produced by Stephen Stone of Platinum Island Branded Entertainment (a division of Grammy award-winning Ruffhouse Entertainment), and Bernardo Rubenstein of It’s Happening on TV!, 30 Days ‘til I’m Famous is innovative to a degree unparalleled in the television and music industry. Filmed as an International production of unprecedented proportions, the series will involve three major television network co-production partners situated on three continents. [ … read more … ]

Canadian-based, Phantom 4 Music (P4M) has created a special alliance with the producers of 30 Days ‘til I’m Famous and, consequently, has become the driving musical force behind the series. Not only has P4M provided a majority of the musical content which will be performed in the show, it has outperformed every major music publishing company in the industry.

The show involves three musical groups coming from completely different walks of life. Anything But MondayAnything But Monday, a fabulous group of female artists, has recorded 17 songs provided by PM4 and is presently in Costa Rica continuing with the filming of the show.

PM4 has also delivered 14 songs which will be recorded by a new musical group calling themselves Scared of Girls. The third musical group in the show is a group called New Life Crisis. International viewers may recognize New Life Crisis from their already triple-platinum hit Daylight in Your Eyes which went on to become the theme song for the UK hit television series Popstars and was covered by the mega-hit musical group No Angels.

Major sponsors of 30 Days ‘Til I’m Famous (30 Dias Para Famosa – Spanish version) include TOYOTA, JVC, and MAC COSMETICS.

You won’t want to miss out on the action so stay tuned to this site for more details!!



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