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Born in London, schooled in Dundee and Chester, Justin currently works from a ProTools-equipped studio in Brentwood, Essex.

With a background as a musician and songwriter, Justin spent several years playing in bands as a guitarist / bass / keyboard player. Gigging around NW England, he also attended local gigs gaining influence from unknown bands like The Stone Roses, The Inspiral Carpets and K-Klass. Justin’s band “Too Hot For Harriet” paid homage to The Smiths and later their drummer became part of the successful band, Mansun.

With the promise of bigger and better things, Justin moved back to London and while still gigging, started working as a freelance musician, creating original music for video games. After becoming an in-demand composer, he was offered a full-time position working in-house as a composer at Argonaut. To date, he has worked on over 50 released video game soundtracks, including the first Harry Potter® Playstation game, which has sold in excess of 8 million units worldwide. Justin also won the coveted Edge Audio Achievement Award in 2000, for the Alien Resurrection game soundtrack for Fox Interactive. By 2004, Justin was managing a team of 7 people working on game soundtracks in a purpose built Dolby Digital 5.1 studio at Argonaut’s offices.

Whilst working on game soundtracks, Justin still pursued writing music with the aim of making records, and turned his hand to house music. He met DJ Andrew Galea (ex-Freestylers) and collaborated on their first track “Feel The Vibe”, released on POW! Records, as part of Power Promotions in 1999. Their next record “Mon Ami”, which used a replayed riff from Tubeway Army’s “Are Friends Electric”, was signed to Inferno Records and was included on the Ministry of Sound Clubbers Guide to Ibiza 2001 and the Ministry of Sound Spring Annual 2001.

With the changing sound of dance music, Justin adapted his writing style, being already a competent composer in various musical genres from his days of game soundtracks. Already starting to introduce guitars into dance music, he was asked by 80’s girl band Bananarama, to bring their old cover, “Really Saying Something”, up-to-date for their new album launch. So successful was this remix, that the track entered the Music Week charts on 3 separate occasions, and was featured on the TV show “Make me a Supermodel”, in which the video was shot.

Since then, Justin’s new “Solasso” name has been remixing for people/groups like Tears for Fears, Kirsty Hawshaw, Morcheeba, and more recently Sara Jorge and has had 6 Music Week No.1’s, and 3 DMC Mainstream No.1 chart positions. He also signed the first two Solasso singles to Hed Kandi, with Mark Doyle being a great supporter of his work. Recently, the remixes have been going to the US, and have also made an impact in the Billboard Dance charts, where the Solasso remix of Sarah Atereth’s “Fade Away” is the leading mix and is being performed at her PA’s.

Justin has been working on unsigned artist, Penny Foster’s first album of Electro / Dance / Rock, and has also collaborated with R’n’B vocalist Sherrone, on several songs. One of those has been signed to the forthcoming and anticipated docu/reality show “30 Days ‘til I’m Famous” due for worldwide launch in the fall of 2006, and features a replayed melody from “Love Theme from The Godfather”.

Justin has also composed the soundtracks for three British feature films, and one short film.

Justin is currently working as a freelance songwriter / producer / remixer in the music industry.



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