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Emile Ghantous and Erik NelsonAll music listeners. There is a brand new sound hitting the airwaves. From the city that brought you the music of hitmakers, R. Kelly, and Kanye West; Chicago’s best-kept secret is finally out.

Emile Ghantous and Erik Nelson write and produce songs for established and upcoming artists at Eclipse Studios, their facility outside of Chicago. They play and program all of the instruments, engineer and record the vocals, and mix every song they create.

Inspired by the success of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, these producers are working around the clock to crank out hits for all artists in need of quality material. They have a library of songs that is radio friendly and likely to be heard on your favorite R&B/pop/hip-hop radio station.

In an industry of come-and-go artists and producers, Emile and Erik have found a way to establish great relationships with record label A&R’s, management companies, promotional teams, and artists. They deliver a feel good sound that is appealing to music listeners of all ages.

THE INSOMNIAX are in the studio working on many projects including Jojo, Boyz II Men, Lil Romeo, Llyod, JACK, 30 Day's I'll Famous (tv reality show), IMAJIN, Feloney (of Public Announcement), Faheem, and many others.

Make sure you pick up the new Public Announcement album "When The Smoke Clears" in stores now. Request THE INSOMNIAX produced single "Guessing Games" on your local radio station.

URL: www.insomniaxmusic.com




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