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Michael RichardsMichael Jonathan Richards has recently won First Place in the International Grand Prix of Composers for his catalogue of music.

In addition, he has recently had his songs picked up and recorded by major label artists on Universal Records, and is currently licensing his songs in the US, Europe, and Canada.

In his words:

"It's very hard to speak of oneself as a songwriter  because writing music is one of the most personal things someone can do.  People go about their lives, and although they don't take the time to realize, see and feel something new and noteworthy every single day.

Sometimes we see a man eating alone at a table in an empty diner.  Sometimes we notice a mother, who can barely catch her breath, when she turns around and notices that her child has wandered off on a crowded street.  We witness so many things.

But most of the things we notice are about ourselves; our families or lack thereof, our friends, our break-ups, our first kisses, our last kisses, our memories and so much more. I believe that a song should express all of this. A song should express one's passion, one's desire for more and one's longing for greatness.

My passion for songwriting comes from my ability to forge ahead through the tough times, and yet to indulge myself in life's happy moments.

I believe that every song represents a moment in one's life, an entry into one's journal, into one's soul. That journal, that experience, is what brings us all together, a commonality felt by all. 

Who knows?

I hope that when you hear my music, by chance, you think about life's moments, life's memories and smile, laugh or cry.

As a songwriter, that's all that I can hope for."

Website: www.mjrsongs.com



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