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Pete Lesperance, is a multi-faceted musician / writer / producer based in Toronto, Canada, who until recently was best known for his prowess as a world-renowned guitarist and half of the song writing force behind international recording group Harem Scarem. A former Warner Music artist, Pete has successfully transitioned into writing, arranging and producing, releasing a solo album in 2004 entitled “Down In It” and tailoring several production projects for other artists into great sounding, radio-ready products. 

Pete records and produces out of his studio Hope Sound in Toronto, as well as Vespa Studios and the Pocket, with affiliates Harry Hess and Mike Turner respectively. Pete’s songs have been recorded and released the world over by artists from Canada, the US, Europe and Asia.

In addition to Pete’s writing and production work, he recently signed on to appear in the upcoming mega-prime time reality-fiction TV series “30 Days ‘Til I’m Famous”, which will air in countries around the world in the summer/fall of 2006.

Some of Pete’s credits include:

1.   Harem Scarem-ST (Co-Producer / Guitarist/ Songwriter) Warner

2.   Harem Scarem- Moodswings (Co-Producer / Guitarist/ Songwriter) Warner

3.   Harem Scarem - Voice of Reason (Co-Producer / Guitarist / Songwriter) Warner

4.   Harem Scarem -Believe/ Karma Cleansing (Co-Producer/ Guitarist/ Songwriter)Warner

5.   Harem Scarem - Big Bang Theory (Co-Producer/Guitarist/ Songwriter) Warner

6.   Rubber - Rubber (Co-Producer / Guitarist / Songwriter) Warner

7.   Rubber - Ultra Feel (Co-Producer / Guitarist / Songwriter) Warner

8.   Steve Holiday - Stark Raving Mad (Songwriter/ Guitarist) Warner

9.   Billy Klippert (Canadian Idol Finalist ( Songwriter / Guitarist) ( Orange/ Universal)

10. Harem Scarem – Overload ( Co-Producer /Guitarist /Songwriter)

11. Tara Lynn Hart (Canadian single): (Producer/Songwriter)

12. Pete Lesperance -Down In It (Producer / Singer / Guitarist / Songwriter) Marquee/Avalon-Japan

13. Muriel Mathieu-S.T (Songwriter) France

14. Marc Dupre –Refair Le Monde (Canadian Single):(Songwriter) Quebec/France


Website: www.petelesperance.com




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