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Robert "Rob Gee" Saunders, Jr.Hit’em Hard Entertainment Group

Robert “Rob Gee” Saunders, Jr., is the CEO/Founder of Hit’em Hard Entertainment Group, a music production suite, record label, and recording studio in Durham, N.C. With over 2,500 original tracks and more than 20 years in the production industry, Rob Gee has been very instrumental in promoting hip-hop music recording & production throughout North Carolina and the rest of the Southeastern U.S. In 2002 Rob Gee formed and registered through BMI one of the fastest growing music publishing companies in N.C. (H.H.M.P. & Publishing Co.).

In 2007 he started networking and reaching out to some of the hottest players in the industry. This leap of faith allowed him to form and enter into music agreements with Phantom 4 Music Publishing, Soundscape Media, Helium Productions, and MTV/Viacom networks for the 2008 season and beyond. He also received worldwide music distribution through DMGI (now Orchard Distribution) and Catapult Distribution for Hit’em Hard Records.

Rob Gee’s mission is to partner with other producers, publishers, and music supervisors in the entertainment industry while taking over the south with a new sound and style of “original” hip-hop production with no sampling. This sound captured the attention of A&R’s from Asylum Records as well as Universal Records. “These are truly some of the hottest “original” East Coast, West Coast, Mid-West, Latin and Dirty South Hip-Hop tracks you will ever hear,” says national songwriter Brian Spidle (Tony Terry).

With such diversity and versatility under his belt, in such a short time Rob Gee has produced, recorded, and remixed over 120 songs for various artists worldwide. He has also released 5 albums regionally and one album internationally (Australia – Iceberg Shug) that did very well. In addition to being a producer, he is also a very talented songwriter and poet. Rob Gee has engineered or recorded live shows for national recording artists Mary Mary, John P. Kee, Joe Pace, Keith “Wonderboy” Johnson, Nyokee, Lonnie Hunter, Darrell McFadden and the Disciples, Mo’Beasley, Iceberg Shug, Tommy Gunnz, Falesyia, Cleo’Platnum, Steven “Freedom” Hester, comedians Small Fry and Alonzo “Hamburger” Jones to name a few.

You may reach Rob Gee directly at 919-638-4890 or via email: robgee@hitemhardentgrp.com. You may also visit our corporate website at www.hitemhardentgrp.com and preview 40 snippets of his production at www.myspace.com/hhegrobgee.

Let me produce, engineer or remix your next platinum hit!

Be Blessed,

Rob Gee






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