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T-Minus A dynamic versatile songwriter/producer, Terrance Roberts is forging his way into the music industry. Terrance L. Roberts is also the CEO of T-Minus Entertainment, a music production company which has been around for about six years.

His signature style of music is adding a jazz twist to R&B rhythm while maintaining a bass line that bangs from a fusion of funk to hip-hop. Caring more about the craft of old school beliefs when creating music, he believes that each and every song should be treated like it's an extension of himself or the artist it's created for, not just mass produced beats that carry a generic vibe that anyone can use.

Because of his love of music and unique sound, he has attracted artists from jazz, R&B, hip-hop, and gospel alike. Born in Cleveland Ohio, Terrance (T-Minus) Roberts became interested in music at the young age of 5. He began his musical career with playing the drums, and started to study music at Martin Depores Youth Center. T-Minus started playing drums for the church he and his parents attended, and soon he was receiving awards in all the drum recitals he entered. While he performed in his high school marching band, T-Minus began to see more than drums; he realized that the production of music itself was the challenge he was looking for.

At the age of 16, T-Minus met Joe Little III, lead singer of the once chart-topping R&B group the Rude Boyz. After befriending Joe Little III, T-Minus was asked to join the group to play percussions. Buddy Banks who was also in the Rude Boyz began to give T-Minus lessons on the piano, and soon he was playing both drums and keyboards.

It was time to see what he could do in the production area of music. T-Minus began to explore his talents in producing his own original compositions. Being inspired by the sounds of Stevie Wonder, the Isley Brothers, Earth, Wind, and Fire, T-Minus began the long road of finding and creating his own unique style. It wasn't long before his talents landed him the opportunity to work with producer Edwin Tony Nicholas who was working with Gerald Levert's Group LSG, the Backstreet Boyz and Levell Jones of Twice, an R&B group that was signed to MCA Records at that time.

Since creating the production company called T-Minus Entertainment in Cleveland Ohio, T-Minus focused on creating a strong song catalog of his music in multiple genres. At the same time, he also began selecting young, talented, serious and dedicated artists to produce.

Influences: God is my biggest then there's Jay-Z, Russell Simmons, Sean P. Diddy Combs, EWF, Isley's Stevie, Heatwave, George Clinton etc...........



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