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Terri Stott

Terri is a multiple award winning R&B/Pop songwriter. Always a music lover, but she never thought about being a songwriter. “I actually got into music by sort of divine intervention” Terri said. “I am a songwriter/producer and not a performer. I had always loved music and have been a singer in the past. Life took over for a little while and then for some reason, one day, I felt compelled to write down a tune I had in my head. I then had to put it to music and looked for a studio. My career just went from there. I was back to creating music again but this time I was behind the scenes. I loved it because I was able to tell stories about different experiences.” 

Some of the most enjoyable times were listening while her parents played some of the best soul jams back in the day. And the first time she heard a hip hop song is a day she will never forget. Being influenced by all kinds of music, the songwriter's soulful, intelligent, cutting edge lyrics & melodies have an emotional style and have won numerous awards with Billboard, Song of the Year, UK Songwriting Contest, Indietunes, to name a few. Her style has been compared by others to the likes of Diane Warren, Jill Scott, R. Kelly and the songs sung by Whitney. Terri's own creative vision and her desire to tell a complete story gives her songs their unique style.  
Some notable accomplishments include non-exclusive publishing and licensing contracts; Skope Magazine Artist 2 Watch, Alpha Music Group's (AMG) Independent A&R Tip Sheet and Publishers List feature, Featured Writer at PMP Worldwide Writer's Block, Foley Entertainment and ETNC representation, selected 5 times for Best Songs of the Month at SongwriterUniverse, Featured artist on the FAMOUS FOOTWEAR & CONVERSE FAMOUS J's website (a basketball shoe offered exclusively through the retailer's 700 locations across the U.S) and many others. 

For more information check out www.pmpworldwide.com/Terri-J

"...Equipped with an uncanny ability to create some of the most powerful singles in the independent R&B scene, Terri Stott's music is destined for the big stage..." 
-Marianne Brooks 
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Los Angeles, CA  
"Yearning and Hoping is an excellent contemporary R&B ballad..." 
--Dale Kawashima, former A&R/Creative Exec. Sony/ATV, SongwriterUniverse 
"...She is a very gifted soon to be heard about songwriter!..." 
--Shelia Henley, W.IN.E Women in Entertainment 
""We guarantee it...you will be blown away by this song-writer..." 
---Alpha Music Group, Independent A&R

"Moody and passionate...dynamic delivery...We see great things in the future..."

-Shatter Records, A&R Compilation 



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