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Harry Hess is a producer / engineer who’s numerous recording credits span over the last twenty years back to when he signed his first deal as a recording artist at the age of fifteen.

The former Warner Music Canada artist has honed his production / engineering skills along side of his singing and songwriting duties as a recording artist.

As well as owning a full production recording facility, he has made records in numerous countries around the world, including Japan , Malaysia, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Canada and the U.K.

Harry’s songwriting ability has earned him 14 top forty hits around the world and sales of well over 2 million records in forty three countries.

His credits include:

1. Harem Scarem (Co-Producer / Engineer / Singer/ Songwriter) Warner

2. Harem Scarem- Moodswings (Co-Producer / Singer / Songwriter) Warner

3. Harem Scarem - Voice of Reason (Co-Producer / Engineer / Singer/ Songwriter) Warner

4. Harem Scarem - Big Bang Theory (Co-Producer/ Engineer/ Mixed / Singer/ Songwriter) Warner

5. Harem Scarem -Believe/ Karma Cleansing (Co-Producer/ Engineer/ Mixed / Singer/ Songwriter) Warner

6. Honeymoon Suite - 13 Live ( Engineered/ Mixed ) Interplanet

7. Steve Holiday - Stark Raving Mad (Produced / Engineered / Mixed / Backing Vocals) Warner

8. Lilith Fair - A Celebration of Women in Music (Mixed One Song) Nettwerk/ EMI

9. Rubber - Rubber (Co-Produced / Engineered / Mixed / Singer / Songwriter) Warner

10. Rubber - Ultra Feel (Co-Produced / Engineered / Mixed / Singer / Songwriter) Warner

11. Jullian Austin - Back In Your Life (Engineered / Mixed) BMG

12. Dayna Manning - Volume One (Co-Produced/ Engineered) EMI

13. Great Big Sea - Sea of No Cares (Mixed) Warner

14. Crush - Here (Mixed) Warner

15. Robin Black - (Radio Mix for “So Sick Of You”) Sextant / EMI

16. Blue Rodeo - (Radio Mix for “Bulletproof”) Warner

17. Billy Klippert (Canadian Idol Finalist) Pro./Eng/ Mix ( Orange/ Universal)

18. Ryan Malcolm (Canadian Idol Winner) Eng. Mix. 2 Tracks (BMG)

19. Money Money (Co-Produced/Engineered Mixed) Orange Universal

20. Harem Scarem – Overload ( Co-Produced Engineered Mixed)

Website: www.haremscarem.net




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