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Music has been a part of Lene's life as long as she can remember. As a little girl she started playing the piano, singing and writing her own songs. She believes her first song was called “My Little Kitten.” During her teenage years, she performed as a singer in different bands. At the time she had only very little interest in writing her own songs. She even went to Danish School of Music for 4 years, as she believed teaching would be her thing. She soon realized how much she missed writing her own stuff and her life took another turn.

In 1996 she met John Gordon, a Danish Songwriter and many, many songs was written during the next period of time. They formed the band “Steam” and in 1998 released an album called “Talking About the Weather.”
The release was a success in Denmark. Several of the songs from the album were played regularly on both DR (Danish National Radio) and local stations. The first single "Lover" was on DR´s hot rotation for 8 weeks; several of the big local stations played it as powerplay of the week. A few years later the album was released in Asia as well.

After a couple of years touring, more studio sessions e.t.c. the band split up. Still Gordon/Dissing released an EP a few years later called “Luca” containing 6 songs.

During the last couple of years she has written/co-written songs for different artists worldwide. She's found it a pleasure to write with different Danish, Swedish and American songwriters; Daniel Boquist, Rasmus Schwenger, Douglas Carr, lyricist Pam Oland to name a few.

Some songs has even been co-written using the Internet. That’s the case with L.A. producer Jean. T. Na... and it’s been great fun.

Besides writing, she's done some cue vocals for different producers, arranging and recording backing vocals, some live performance e.t.c. The network is getting bigger all the time with unlimited possibilities...

Website: www.dissing.net



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