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Born in Glasgow Scotland, SCOBIE is the second eldest of 5 children. In the late fifties the family emigrated to the U.S.A.

Scobie attended St Augustine's school in Bridgeport, Connecticut, New York State. It was here that he was introduced to a new teaching concept (later known as speed reading) at which he excelled. SCOBIE returned to Scotland in 1963, (with accompanying Yankee accent), to attend the famed senior secondary school St Mungo's Academy in Glasgow.

Excelling in English & Art, SCOBIE went on to win a scholarship to the prestigious Glasgow School of Art.

An 'artistically reckless folk singer", he promptly dropped out, heading instead for the brighter lights of London to find a larger audience for his ever expanding, self-penned song collection.

A short spell working as a street musician, while living in a parked van in Soho Square, honed his natural communication and entertainment skills. Scobie's highly prolific song writing talent eventually led to the offices of POP Music Gurus Bill Martin & Phil Coulter and a 3-year music publishing and major record deal with EMI Records in 1979.

Soon after, SCOBIE made a five-year touring and writing and production commitment to Bay City Roller Leslie McKeown; launching Mckeown's solo career in 1981. This creative venture proved to be very fruitful ....and with 3 gold albums to his credit,SCOBIE set up his own music label / production company 'Plezure Records" in Camden Town, London.

SCOBIE received further recognition as 3 times winner of the prestigious Ampex Golden Reel Award for Music Production Excellence.

Fate and fortune have often conspired to place SCOBIE in somewhat bizarre situations. In 1981, he found himself in Zambia writing the music soundtrack for the feature film 'Touch of the Sun", with Pete Gage of "Vinegar Joe" fame. This motion picture, shot on location in Africa, starred Oscar winner and internationally renowned bon vivant Oliver Reed.

In Africa, SCOBIE recorded the 90 strong Zambian National Orchestra and during the 14-week shoot, became firm friends with 'Ollie" Reed.

After a chance meeting in Lusaka, legendary soul star Mr. James Brown invited SCOBIE to sing and perform alongside the Godfather of Soul 'live" on stage. Although for one night only it was 'a truly unforgettable experience!'

(Ad)Ventures to date include:

  • Plezure Records: A London indie-pop record label.
  • Two Worlds Organization: creating TV concepts for independent production.
  • The Hell Fire Club: lead vocals with this rock band, alongside Paul Raven/killing joke, Les Warner /The Cult/ les Davidson / Joan Armatrading
  • Flaming TV: A Tele-visual production company in which SCOBIE first took on the mantle of director for an 8 camera 'live" shoot @ the
  • Duke of York's theatre In the heart of London. Barf Bites back: (a comedy special starring Eddie Izzard, Lee Evans, Slattery & Vranch)was an ITV network Show directed by Scobie Ryder; created to mark and celebrate 30 years of Amnesty International

SCOBIE RYDER has experienced the full spectrum of the music & multimedia industries: From working with small labels and innovative production companies, through to large scale, externally financed, recording projects for major league clients. Successfully completing advertising agency work for Smirnoff International and directing several pop videos. SCOBIE has been totally involved in all aspects of the relevant creative processes including editing, dubbing and pre- & post-production work. With his own, newly built 48 track digital programming suite, SCOBIE is continually developing his long-term skills, in the world of music recording and sound design.

Operating as creative consultant though Strata-G SCOBIE continues to cross all creative boundaries.

Working in the modern genres of Techno/House/ Hip-Hop and Ambient / Dance. Composing songs and themes for commercial activitiesand personal projects. Vastly experienced as a, Music Producer and Session Singer, he consistently delivers on time (even when under extreme deadline pressure.) Award winning lyricist, composer and vocal arranger. British Equity member and The voice of Dr Willard, in Lara Croft's TOMB RAIDER 3.




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