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There is a disturbing trend in music today that has created a surplus of carbon copy songs that are seemingly put together on a musical assembly line. Sean Alexander is taking production in a different direction. Where many of the hit-making producers of today rely solely on technology, Sean Alexander is creating hits from a more musical standpoint, while incorporating technology at the same time. Simply put, it is the ability to play beautiful music that allows us to create it.

In 1997 Sean Alexander moved to Toronto and formed a production company under the name Blacklisted 4 Lyfe Entertainment. He has worked with various artists on albums, compilations, film scores, and remixes. The mastermind behind the hit single "Tonight", 2 (Parlphone U.K.) by Denosh, (Mariah Carey's dancer) went #14 in Germany. The remix of "Funkmobile" (Loose Cannon / Polygram) for Bass Is Base has garnered respect and attention Internationally. Sean has also worked with FishBone, Melanie Durant, Ivanna Santilli, and Glenn Lewis. To date, the work Sean Alexander is most known for is the production done for Taj's "I Won't Cheat on My Girlfriend," which was featured on the compilation "Bump 'n Grind" which went gold in Canada. Unique's hit "How May I Do U", and Ora's hit "Quit Stressin'", written by Sean Alexander, were nominated for Juno Awards (Canada's equivalent to a Grammy) in 1998 and 2000 for "Best R&B / Soul Recording." "How May I Do U" went on to win the "Best R&B / Dance Single" (Group) at the Canadian Urban Music Awards. The video for the song "N V So" by Ora was nominated for a Much Music Video Award (Canada's MTV) in 2001.

Detroit-born Sean Alexander was introduced to the world of music early in his life. As the story goes, Sean's father worked as a DJ on a popular Detroit radio station, and when he came on the air, Sean would crawl to the speaker to listen to his father, and the music. Sean's mother was very supportive of his interest in music, paying for drum lessons, guitar lessons, piano lessons, and even buying a black baby grand for him to practice on. When Sean was nine years old, he saw a "KISS" album cover and was hooked on music 4 lyfe. Through his attendance at Nazareth Hall Military School, Sean developed the necessary discipline to approach the business world. He rounded out his love of the arts by attending the Detroit Waldorf School of the Arts.

Having grown up in the politically charged landscape of America, Sean is very passionate about issues concerning racism, drug abuse, street kids and abused women. He channels his energy into his company, Blacklisted 4 Lyfe Entertainment, and oversees all elements of the production spectrum, from writing, composing, programming beats, playing guitar & bass to coaching vocals, editing, mixing and even traveling to work with mastering companies. In his quiet time, which is rare, he enjoys catching a film or cooking up a meal for a special someone. In the explosive new urban scene in Toronto, Sean Alexander and Blacklisted 4 Lyfe Entertainment are ready to emerge as a force to be reckoned with.

..... and he's just gettin' started!



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