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(Four Star Riot)

FOUR STAR RIOT; modern rock that intrigues the mind, envelops the soul, shake n’ stirs the body, and captures the heart; FOUR STAR RIOT are in the moment…are you?

The FOUR STAR RIOT sound embodies both traditional and innovative elements; the quartet is a stripped-down modern-classic affair that blends the rawness, power, passion, energy, excitement and urgency of a heavyweight fight… complete with big, fat knockout hook. The FOUR STAR RIOT live experience extends these attributes with attitude… a show becomes an event.

FOUR STAR RIOT have honed the live set into a “can’t miss” attraction, the tunes, the musicianship and the stage personas have evolved in the 5 years of constant gigging in Florida; they’re the hometown favorites of the Tampa Bay region…On the performance front FOUR STAR RIOT has been a featured act at SXSW, Atlantis, Florida Music Festival, as well as on the 97X Next Big Thing concert series in 2001, 98 Rock’s Livestock 13 in 2003 at the behest of popular local radio host Bubba the Love Sponge, a regular opening act at the popular Jannus Landing venue in St. Petersburg, and darlings of the community-spirited WMNF 88.5 concert series.

About Steve Alex:

Like Mike 2: Streetball movie posterThe most recent news as of January 2006 is the placement of Steve's song "Get What You Give" secured for Steve in the direct to DVD movie, Like Mike 2: Streetball in the final scene of the movie. Congratulations Steve!

That classic rock n' roll blend of sensitivity and swagger. His resilient voice, with its roadburn scratch, has a soulful feel and touch of angst. With influences run the range from soulmen like Prince, Sly Stone, Stevie Wonder & Terence Trent D'Arby to rockers such as Elvis Costello, Springsteen, The Beatles & the Stones, Steve Alex is an artist with a foot in the past and an eye on the future.Alex's songs have been called crafty, and self-assured, with likeable licks, catchy hooks, and sing-along choruses; tightly crafted power pop, a little grittier than that of Train or Third Eye Blind. And though the overall style may be classified as power pop, it is likely to hear inflections of funk, punk, reggae, and soul throughout his reportie.

As frontman of the Powerpop act Four Star Riot, Alex has gained small notoriety, earning a strong local following and winning critical praise in music magazines and newspapers around the country. Music Connection Magazine of Los Angeles, listed the band's Soulsystem effort as one of the Top 20 Demos submitted for review in 2002. The band was also named Weekly Planet's Best of The Bay for Best Original Act and Act Most Likely to Succeed in recent years. Four Star Riot has released four full-length discs of songs penned by Alex over a five year span. They have played hundreds of shows around the Southeastern US including opening sets for Jimmy Eat World, Lit, Sum41, New Found Glory, Sugarcult, Flickerstick, Leo Nocentelli (Meters), Trapt, Alien Ant Farm, & Nine Days, and more.



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