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Tia RobinsonHer home is Dayton, Ohio now living in Charlott, N.C. Dayton is an area that has spawned so many talented artists such as the Ohio Players, Shirley Murdock, Roger and The Zap band to name just a few. Growing up with these influences, Tia brings to her music a depth of experience and understanding of the hard side of life gained from an early age. Yet somehow she has remained positive and retains a wonderful sense of humor. She can write about the sorrows but also laugh at the failures.

As a performer, singer, songwriter and producer, Tia has involved herself in the business of music for many years. A strong distinctive voice and a lyric style that comes from the heart and draws from that early life experience. When you hear her songs you know this lady is writing and singing about what she knows. It is why her music is so believable.

Titanium Productions Ltd. has been fortunate to have represented this lady as an artist and now to work with her as a writer. DUV brings a dedication and professionalism to her work and the studio. Her smile and sincere good nature only add to the overall experience of working with this fine lady.

While writing is her main focus, Tia “DUV” Robinson has had and still has an active performance career. Below are just a few highlights.

Performance Highlights:

  • FAITH INCORPORATED CHOIR - National Tour - Directed by Lawrence Head
  • BLACK GIRL - National Tour Kapper Records - Background Vocals
  • LUMBER JACKS - National Tour Strong World Records - Producer & Background Vocals
  • MOTOWN ARTIST REVIEW Lumber Jacks - Producer & Background Vocals
  • CLUB 51 JAMS - Warner Brothers Network Hosted, Sang, & Interview Various National Acts.
  • JAGGED EDGE - Opened for "Jagged Edge" - Memorial Hall
  • December 7, 2001— Solo Act w/ Dancers



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