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News: June 2010

Cherry - Anything but Monday group memberIn cooperation with 24/7 Management in the UK and Phantom 4 Music, we are please to announce the inclusion of singer Cherry in the Anything But Monday girl group which is signed to Universal Records. Congratulations Cherry !

News: November 2009

Phantom 4 Music placed signed Producer and Writer Scobie Ryder's song "Let's Go Crazy" in Season 2, Episode 2 "Red Badge" - The Mentalist - which aired October 8 2009.

Press Release: January 2009

For Immediate Release:

United Kingdom of Great Britain & N. Ireland (Press Release) December 25, 2008 -- On December 16th, 2008, Universal Music

Recording artists, ANYTHING BUT MONDAY – a brand new group consisting of 5 talented young ladies from Miami - released its first song ever. They released it in the UK. Within a mere two days they became one of the most popular groups in the country. Within 4 days, more UK DJ’s were playing their music than any other group on the entire continent. By the end of one week, ANYTHING BUT MONDAY was showing up all over the place on playlists in the UK, and already branching out into France, Italy and Germany. Before New Year’s Eve could strike twelve, they were getting calls from the major radio networks in Scandinavia.

These ANYTHING BUT MONDAY girls have actually gone out of their way to try to keep their music from getting played in the United States for the moment, because they think:

“It’s kinda cool” to “do Europe first before we have to settle down. Plus, if we screw it up over there, then we can still come back home and probably be OK.”

Even still, a travelling DJ from Slovenia brought one of their songs with him to spin at a club in North Carolina . . . . and within days after the gig, ANYTHING BUT MONDAY suddenly debuted in the top 10 of one of the biggest and most powerful record pool in the United States. The girls then turned around and asked Universal not to promote them in the States for the moment, despite this obviously good sign, because they really wanted to wait until Spring or Summer to come home.

Amidst their enormous popularity, the ANYTHING BUT MONDAY girls are content on the fact that they might not ever hit an industry top-40 sales chart.

What the heck is going on?????

Well, for one thing, it's pretty clear that these girls must have been paying attention in music history class…

Five years ago the major record labels launched about 35,000 lawsuits in a massive litigation campaign against music fans who shared songs online. It pissed off a lot of kids and Universal Music Group, Sony BMG MusicEntertainment, Warner Music Group and EMI Group, have been trying to play make-up ever since. The problem is nobody trusts them or wants to be their friends anymore.

Next, industry investigators went after the wrong people when they couldn’t match Internet accounts that were active on file-sharing networks, with the actual computer users. The RIAA ended up suing everybody under the sun and they didn’t care who went down, so long as somebody was made an example of.

The pressure became so bad that the parents of innocent adolescents wound up paying to settle lawsuits just to avoid the costs of litigation, even though their kids had done absolutely nothing wrong and were not even involved in any sort of file-sharing. The RIAA got it wrong . . . but what the heck... somebody had to go down!!!

Even Al Capone would have a tough time stooping to this level of abuse.

What’s really amiss is that even a decade later after the major labels obliterated Napster, they, themselves, still have not been able to figure out how to make money off the same activity that they just destroyed.

In the end, an industry whose life is dependant solely on making people happy, sat around scratching the back of its heads for years, wondering why nobody loved them anymore. Meanwhile, their victims have been festering for revenge.

So when the girls of ANYTHING BUT MONDAY got discovered while performing for their friends at a local mall in Miami, they did the unthinkable ….. they said “no thanks” to a 165 page major label record deal from SONY BMG.

From there the girls had the nerve to call Universal Music Group and ask for “the top guy"... and the call actually when through . . . and to make a complicated story simple, the girls were able to set their own terms for a new deal with Universal.

The contract, written by a 14 year old girl, in essence, provided that:

“Universal will let us do whatever we want to do in order to make friends over the Internet ......... and there’s no suing anybody ... or the deal's off!!!!!"

Universal agreed.

When asked what their marketing strategy was going to be, the response was:

“We’re going to figure out everything that the major record labels are telling all their other groups to do . . . and we’re going to do the exact opposite.”

So far the girls have allowed file-sharing all over the place . . . they’ve allowed remixing by the DJ’s to flood the market . . . they’ve talked hard-core underground bootleggers into going legit and signing their remixes over to Universal for a fair split . . . there is no “official” remix, and, unbelievably, they are never going to allow Universal to release the original ANYTHING BUT MONDAY masters . . . and most blatantly, they’ve completely bypassed all industry charting institutions.

“If we happen to chart, that’ll be cool - but there’s really no need for it the way we’re doing things."

The girls may seem out-of-control under the normal music industry business model, but in reality they might be onto something. Now that Universal has called off the attack dogs, by allowing ANYTHING BUT MONDAY to do their thing, perhaps at least one major record label is finally about to discover a way to make money from file-sharing enthusiasm for its products.


Press Release: February 2008



Anything But Monday

Miami-based musical group ANYTHING BUT MONDAY has been banned from the WMC on the basis of being “too dangerous.”

The group of girls, whose name is derived from the fact that they “never want the weekend to end,” says it’s all a big misunderstanding!

One conference official, who asked not to be identified, has commented that the group was so brand new that their application to perform did not even arrive until beyond the mandatory deadline . . . but that even still, a special exception was made for them to perform due to their seemingly overnight popularity amongst the DJ population. However, when it was discovered that the girl’s performance included a massive pyrotechnic show with a row of a dozen cannons that shot fireballs out over the audience, we felt it prudent to eliminate them from the performance roster due to liability factors. “They are simply too dangerous.

The official goes on to say that:

the conference would have been glad to have had the group still perform if they would have agreed to forego the use of pyro. But, instead, some of their Miami-based DJ friends all got together and arranged for them to perform secretly and unannounced at club MANSION during the height of the Conference. When we learned of this, we felt it prudent to ban them altogether from the Conference in order to completely distance ourselves of any potential liability."

Group singer, Porscha, responded by suggesting that:

"Osama Bin Laudin is “too dangerous” . . . and Al Pacino in Scarface is “too dangerous” . . . all we have are a couple dozen fireballs that fizzle out in a split second . . . we’ve never blinded or cooked any of our fans, and as far as we know no one has even gotten an eyebrow toasted . . ."

As far as planning to secretly perform under the radar of Conference officials, the girls feel that this probably was not the best laid plan . . . because they got caught before they could pull it off.

Canadian-based, Phantom 4 Music Publishing Group is somewhat disappointed with the way this went down for the girls, but finds that as a result of it all the girl’s morale is now at an all-time high. They actually like being “too dangerous.”

Nayer - ANYTHING BUT MONDAYUPDATE: P4MG is excited to learn that "30 Days 'til I'm Famous" is heavily in negotiations with one of the world's most powerful music distribution companies and, at the same time, on the verge of signing a ground-breaking Internet deal.

A fully edited pilot is about 20 to 30 days from completion.

In the meantime, NAYER, one of 5 members of the fabulous "ANYTHING BUT MONDAY" all-female group, is currently in New York at Lobo Recording Studios finishing up her share of the vocal work on the group's songs for the television show soundtrack and album releases. Sharing studio time with her is PAUL from "NEW LIFE CRISIS" working on his tracks for the show. At the same time, Paul's song DAYLIGHT IN YOUR EYES - which will be used in the show soundtrack - has now reached triple platinum status at 3.2 million in certified sales in Europe.

Swedish producer, Erik Lidbom, of HITFIRE PRODUCTIONS is working simultaneously from his studio in Stockholm via Internet lock-up with Ruffhouse / Platinum Island producer, Stephen Stone, at the Lobo Recording Studios in New York. Also, INSOMNIAX producers, Emile Ghantous and Eric Nelson, will be joining the production on September 5th to assist in the co-production of their "ANYTHING BUT MONDAY" track called "BUCKWILD".

Stay tuned for more updates!


Like Mike 2: Streetball song placement

P4MG places writer Steven Alex's song called "Get What You Give" in the 2006 direct to DVD movie "Like Mike 2: Streetball". Check out the movie!


UPDATE: Phantom 4 Music - January 2006 - P4MG adds an additional 8 songs placed within the upcoming docu/reality show "30 Days 'til I'm Famous" bringing the new song total to 28!

UPDATE: Phantom 4 Music - November 2005 - P4MG adds an additional 10 songs placed within the upcoming docu/reality show "30 Days 'til I'm Famous" bringing the new song total to 20!
Airing sometime between spring and summer of 2006, this fresh docu/reality show will focus on 3 bands trying to make it in the music industry. As more details on this show are released, check back and learn about it here first!

NEWS: Phantom 4 Music - June 2004 - P4MG gets 9 to 10 songs placed with new docu/reality show "30 Days 'til I'm Famous"
Airing in Spring of 2006, this fresh docu/reality show will focus on 3 bands trying to make it in the music industry.




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